How to Edit your Closet Like a Pro

Any fashion lover suffers the same problem, not enough closet space to add new pieces. When in reality the problem is that we don’t edit our shopping habits. The key to a fashionista’s closet is to go shopping like a fashion editor.

For this to work you must remove any emotional feeling you may have with the pieces in your wardrobe, forget grandmothers sweaters or those skinny jeans from high-school, if it does not look good it does not deserve a place in your closet.

Discard what you do not use and what does not look good on you

It is very simple, but very difficult to execute. You must become your own critic, test pieces in your closet and remove does that don’t look good, you have no excuses. Make a deal with yourself, for every 20 pieces you remove you can afford to buy one incredible piece.

Buy the right size

If you are a size 8, do NOT buy a size 6 because “you will lose weight.” It is better to buy the size you feel comfortable in and enjoy the moment. No matter how good the discount, if is not your size don’t buy it because you end up with a piece taking up space in your closet that you’ll never use.

Forget the discount label

We all love discounts, I mean of course a pair of jeans for $100 instead of $200 is a great deal. But if you will never use that pair of jeans, if you do not need it or perhaps you do not like it that much, you will not save money and it becomes an expense.

Do not buy only trend

We often confuse style with trends, so when the latest trend is a neon pink sequined dress, we run to buy a dress and end up looking like a flamingo at the office. Do not buy something just because it is fashionable, remember that in three weeks you will find a new trend, and be “out of style.” Invest in classic pieces instead of just trends, by doing this you will save money and stay always “in fashion.”

Be ruthless when editing

Do not save it because you paid a lot for it, or because you will fit in one day, or because you think it’s beautiful but you do not look good on it. The idea is to be realistic and fill the closet with killer pieces, that make you feel special, beautiful, elegant and sexy.We’re ready to go!

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