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I love being right…who doesn’t?! But I am particularly happy about being right about the hubs falling in love with Crossfit! Seriously, I have been doing Crossfit now for close to 2 years and although he tried a few classes awhile ago, it never stuck.  He has continued to see my love, dedication and success grow and back in July agreed to commit and give it a “real” try.  That’s all it took – he is hooked. Originally it was “I’ll go twice a week and see” and it quickly turned into 4 times a week (our schedules permitting).  *Note his Reebok Nano’s – I waited almost 2 years for my first pair!

My husband races hare scrambles in the Florida Trail Riders series.  He raced for years as a kid and young teen but gave it up for a few years only to renew his love for racing again a few years ago.  He races on a KTM.  His last bike was a 2009 KTM 300 XC but he recently sold that and moved up to a 2013 KTM 450 XC-F (don’t let me fool you…I know VERY LITTLE about the bike itself).  He takes impeccable care of his bikes and made good money off his old bike – which is the ONLY reason he was able to get this new one.  Of course, he likes to add upgrades immediately (Enduro Engineering Seat, Hammerhead shifter, and Acerbis hand guards and bark busters, plus more).  Its crazy how he will take things apart, adds stuff on – good thing it’s not “my thing” because I am clueless.  The biggest thing he wants but has to wait on is a rekluse for the new bike – those things are expensive! Ok….enough technical talk and back to the point of this post!

In case you want to know what a Hare Scramble is, Wikipedia has a good general description as:Hare scramble is a form of off-road motorcycle racing that varies in distance and time, with the riders completing multiple laps around a marked course through wooded or other rugged natural terrain. The overall winner is rider who maintains the highest speed throughout the raceMy husband races both the evolution bike series (Saturdays) and the regular scramble series (Sundays).  I’m not sure I even understand the true impact of what he puts his body through with two days of racing, but I know its A LOT!  The evolution bike series is where he rides a “vintage” bike (think 1984 KDX 250) which means the bike has older specs like drum brakes and air cooled motor – basically no radiator.  Again, I do’t know what that means, but if you do, well good for you!  That race is 1.5 hours long.  The course can be anywhere from 8 to 12 miles and your goal is to complete as many laps in the time as possible THE FASTEST.  Hare Scrambles are THROUGH THE TREES, over very rough terrain and through tight spaces.  I get scared and dizzy just watching my husband’s helmet camera (GoPro HD Hero2).  These bikes are HEAVY and he is having to throw it around and maneuver through trees, over hills and debris, mud, you name it – for an hour and a half going ALL OUT.  It is a cardiovascular and strength endurance test for sure.  It takes a lot to do well at this sport.

A few of the “bikes” (mine is the cute little blue one)Some of the evolution bikes – my husband races against his brother in law in this series – number 416A and some friends too.  These three bikes in the picture all all owned and improved by my father in law.

Like I said – it takes a lot to do well, but He loves it.  He races Saturday in the evolution series and then does it all over again on Sunday with his KTM.  On Sunday, his race is 2 hours and the course may actually be a little longer but overall the same concept.  Most laps completed under the time cap in the fastest time wins.  It’s basically an all out sprint for two hours all while throwing around a 250 lb bike and maybe a few crashes, I mean “high speed get offs” (what the hubs calls a “crash”) thrown in – oh and you are battling anywhere from 8 to 12 other guys in your class alone and over 150 bikes on the course at one time.  Talk about frustrating trying to pass a “different class” in tight woods while you are battling the buy behind you for a position.  Intense? Slightly.   So, as you can see, his “hobby” sport is very demanding on his body.  He has always worked out and run or cycled, but wanted to step up his game this race season.  He hasn’t been happy with his progress, both with how he looked or felt and so he decided to “give in” to by pleading and see what Crossfit could offer him.  He admitted after a couple weeks of Crossfit that he already felt stronger on his bike (he hasn’t actually “raced” on his new bike yet – season starts in a couple weeks).  He has gone to Croom several times though to ride and test it out and says he can tell he is stronger.

He has been coming faithfully with me since mid-July.  Some weeks he may only get there twice (he has to work nights sometimes) and other weeks he is there four times a week.  He is becoming more comfortable with the movements and weights and pushing himself more and more each week.  He really is pretty strong but just doesn’t trust himself (or his bad back) with too much yet.  It’s so fun for me to watch him push himself and improve.  Things that took me forever to improve on seem to come easily to him (hello – his squat depth is better than mine it seems).  It’s also funny to me to see his competitive nature push him.  The boy doesn’t like to lose – especially to his wife.  I try to remind him that

1) I have been doing this longer,
2) I may be using lighter weight, or
3) its ok if I am better than him….just kidding, I don’t say that.  I remind him to “check his ego at the door” – best advice someone gave me.  It’s not about comparing yourself to the person next to you or finishing first.  It’s about you and no one else.One of the best things, above everything else, is that we are going this together. I LOVE Crossfit and I love my box and the people at my box.   It’s one of my favorite places to be and I have wanted to share that with my husband for so long.  Now, going to my “happy place” with the person that means the most to me…well it doesn’t get much better than that.  I don’t feel like I am “leaving him” to go work out, or doing something without him.  We are doing it TOGETHER, enjoying it together and pushing each other.  I’ll admit that I don’t compete with others during a WOD….but I kind of want to beat my husband…LOL! Shhhh, don’t tell him that!I guess time will tell if Crossfit gives my husband a “leg up” during racing season. He may be the only one that notices a difference and that will be ok.  If he goes out and feels stronger during his races and recovers faster after – well then he’s a winner.  I know that he already feels better and stronger and to me, that is all that matters! And to me, that is a win for me, for him and for Crossfit!** I have to add that the people at my box are amazing.  They have welcomed him in and made him feel comfortable from day one.  I know that Crossfit is intimidating to some and my husband admitted that he was nervous at first.  He very quickly realized that everyone was there to help and encourage and that it put him at ease.  He was also encouraged by the attention he received by our coaches as a newbie – constantly demonstrating and correcting proper movements and positions to ensure his safety.  I can’t thank my coaches enough for all they do for me, and now for my husband!  If you live in the Tampa, Land O Lakes, Lutz or Wesley Chapel area – Crossfit Aero is where you need to be!

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